***Know Yourself, Love yourself, Be yourself***

Helen-FordThe great Helen Ford is in London this weekend to give a workshop!
***Know Yourself, Love yourself, Be yourself*** and

*Understanding the influences that interfere with the free flow of truth*

February 15 , Sunday. London, Cromwell Avenue, Hammersmith 9am to 4 pm £45 and February 16, Sunday. London Talk for Thamesside dowsers. 11 am

The Cricketers, Richmond Green, Richmond Contact Judith 07905676901

We are here to share our own unique truth with the world we live in. Whenever we do radiate our own truth we feel immensely fulfilled and everything we need and desire comes effortlessly to us. However most of us have acquired alternative identities (personae) which can lock into place in the presence of certain triggers. Instead of operating direct from the soul we use these identities to deal with the world around us.

Although these identities do serve some purpose (or have served some purpose in our past), they interfere with or completely cover over the truth of our inner being. When we give energy to any of these identities it will create its own reality, the reality it was designed for, the reality it expects! This may be far removed from the reality we really want. It may even be the opposite! Thus, although they may seem to provide some of the things that we want, like belonging, being wanted, earning enough to survive, they do not bring us the whole of what we could be having were our truth to be flowing freely into life.Also, because our inner being remembers and naturally longs for the reality that could be created by the soul, we will feel sadness, frustration and longing. We may even feel resignation despair and a sense of separation from joy, beauty and light. We may even become physically ill.

So this workshop is about accessing a clear awareness of who you really are, identifying your own soul’s truth, realising how perfect and powerful it is, allowing yourself to love it and trust it enough to be faithful to it and understanding what it can do for you and your life. We should have some time to examine some of the influences that stimulate the production of alternative identities and consider simple strategies to neutralise these influences and replace them with a free flow of soul’s truth.

Please bring notebooks and food to share for lunch. Nearest tube Ravenscourt park Parking is free in this area at weekends.

February 16, Sunday. London Talk for Thamesside dowsers. 11 am

The Cricketers, Richmond Green, Richmond Contact Judith 07905676901

*Understanding the inflences that interfere with the free flow of truth*

This is a one hour talk and demonstration that shows the effects on the humanaura and on the environment of some of the various influences that can shift us out of our own centre. Also includes suggestions how to counteract these influences. Afterwards we can all talk over pub lunch!

More info http://www.drhelenford.co.uk


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