A healing retreat in heaven

Detox retreat v3


If you would like to

  • Deal better with personal life stress and problems
  • Heal emotions and traumas of past life lived so far
  • Achieve better mental and physical health
  • Increase physical energy
  • Reduce stress by more than 70% on practice of meditation
  • Enhance the overall happiness quotient in your life
  • Be able to create or manifest beautiful and happy things
  • Become physically healthier
  • Heal neck and back pains
  • Learn how to heal others
  • Learn massage techniques to relax and heal others as well as yourself

then this retreat is one not to miss.

All the way from India, our workshop leader Vihi Chharyia will show you an ancient form of meditation taught by Buddha which helps you release stress, pain, fears and blockages under close guidance and care of the teacher.

Vidhi will also introduce you to the shamanic art of drawing and absorbing energy from the Sun in order to protect and heal yourself as well as pass this healing to others, and teach you an ancient form of healing massage, which heals the healer as well as receiver at the level of mind body and soul.

For info and bookings please go to http://www.divineyogaretreats.com/#!holistic-healing-retreat/c59h.


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