Partner yoga and ecstatic dance – Prana Love

These images are from the fundraising event by Prana-Love at Jacksons Lane Theatre. It was beautiful! Beautiful people, beautiful energy, beautiful music …. Scroll down to see a video about partner yoga. watch out for more news on our partner yoga and dance retreat in Greece!

coming soon – an eco retreat in paradise

Somewhere in Greece, on the island of Evia, there is a secret divine location, where we want to create an eco yoga camp. 100% sustainable, living from the land, in pure nature … Stay tuned …

Heaven on earth?

This is simply the most beautiful place on earth. I know there are many corners of paradise around the world. But this one has it all. Breath, and you will be delighted by the aroma/perfumes of the forest… Open your eyes and your heart will jump from the view of the endless green meeting the…

Thought for the day

from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1. Yoga is control of the mind. Yoga means to control and still the swirling currents of thoughts in the mind. If you can control the thoughts that arise and still them completely you are able to observe the world clearly and directly without the distortions of the ego….

Our Magic Balcony retreat

Our Magic Balcony retreat

This place is truly magical! I followed a sign that I couldn’t read but attracted me for some reason and this is what I found!